International Marketing&Sourcing Club 

 Tesha Jie International&Digital Marketing&Sourcing club

International Marketing&Sourcing Club Basic Membership
10/ mois100 euros/year one- term payment
  • For membership contents on
  • Social Media Growth &Well-Being tips
  • Acess to social media growth and meditation videos
  • Free access to my book "social media growth&well-being"
International Marketing& Sourcing ClubPersonal Brands Membership
50/ month500/ year one term payment
  • In addition to the Basic Membership, you can get equivalent of 20mins directly coaching/consultation from me on
  • Image/Communications
  • Personal Online Profiles
  • Celebrity and Legacy strategy
  • Creative content ideas
  • Small digital Ads copies
  • Cross-Cultural/international consultation
  • Profile diagnosis/translation, etc.
International Marketing& Sourcing Club for Professionals
100/ month1000/ year one term payment
  • For professional pages of solo-entrepreneurs,  small businesses who don't have in-house marketing but want to take care of your own marketing and have a professional for advice.
  • 45mins monthly direct consultation time with me to design and review your marketing strategies, professional brands communications, content ideas, international sourcing, etc.