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  • Anti-dark spots oils

    1. OILY LILY MACERATE The oily lily macerate is obtained by macerating the white lily flowers in a neutral vegetable oil. It unifies your skin color, it’s ideal for homogenizing the complexion, making it radiant and reducing dark spots.


  • Chinese Dumplings with eggs and chives

    Chinese dumplings with chives and eggs Ingredients 3 eggs 250g chives Salt, pepper, chicken broth, olive or soy or corn or sunflower oil Whole wheat flour -Cut the chives in small pieces -Cook the eggs as if you were making an omelet but break them into small pieces -Put everything together -Prepare the dough by putting 2...


  • Oils for breast massages

    massage oils for breast augmentation
  • Low fat beef and celery dumplings

    recipee for low fat beef and celery chinese dumplings
  • Where to run in Paris

    So, where to run in Paris? first of all, I would think of all the major parks, the Jardin de Luxembourg, Parc Monceau, Parc André Citoyen, Garden of the Louvre, Bois de Boulogne, etc. Here is a list of other possibilities for running in Paris.

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