International Marketing&Sourcing Club 

 Tesha Jie International&Digital Marketing&Sourcing club

International Marketing&Sourcing Club Basic Membership (subscription open)
10/ mois100 euros/year one- term payment
  • Access to membership space
  • Social Media Growth &Well-Being tips
  • Acess to social media growth videos
  • Free access to my book "social media growth&well-being"
  • Illimit group support (I'll answer all your questions on marketing, international brand building, culture, social media, digital ads, linguistics, etc.)
International Marketing& Sourcing ClubPrivilege Membership (subscription opens December 2020)
50/ month500/ year one term payment
  • In addition to the Basic Membership functions, you can choose one of the following "privileges":
  • 1) A weekly membership meditation video
  • ( creative guided meditation on pre-speech, stress, emotions, workspace, nature, etc.)
  • 2) Individualized Growth strategy
  • ( social media, business, talents, leadership, etc.)
  • I will also give you illimit support from me on any marketing and sourcing related subjects. I'll get to know your business or personal brand and give you direct help. 50 percent of discount for all paid events I might organize, I'll see how things develop, I'll at least organize virtual events