International Marketing&Sourcing Club 

 Tesha Jie International&Digital Marketing&Sourcing club

International Marketing&Sourcing Club Basic Membership (subscription open)
10/ mois100 euros/year one- term payment
  • Access to membership space
  • Social Media Growth &Well-Being course
  • Cross Cultural communications course
  • Invitation to member party(ies) if I organize
  • Illimit group support (I'll answer all your questions on marketing, international brand building, culture, social media, digital ads, linguistics, etc.)
International Marketing& Sourcing ClubPrivilege Membership (subscription opens December 2020)
50/ month500/ year one term payment
  • This membership will give you illimit support from me on any marketing and sourcing related subjects. I'll get to know your business or personal brand and give you direct help. 50 percent of discount for all paid events I might organize, I'll see how things develop, I'll at least organize virtual events

Tesha Jie International Digital Marketing & Sourcing club:

Schedule for year 1: 

While I'm getting in more members and watch how the world situation evolves in order to know whether or how to organize members events to make it a real business club,  you'll have the privilege to have these 2 master courses included in your membership for you and all my help as a marketer, social media well-being specialist and linguist. In an addition to that, you'll get more clients since with this basic membership, I will make basic levels of referrel, I would absolutely connect you when I have your future client or patients, audience., etc., in the network! With the privilege membership, I'll get to know your business and personal brand on a individual basis and actively help market you for more clients and audience internationally.

Course 1 - Social Media Growth and Well-Being 

This course -exclusive materials (image, audio, videos) is the best child of my knowledge both on social media marketing  and meditation. I have 4 masters degrees, one in communications&marketing,  and years of experiences as a digital marketing consultant, and a creative and forever a child psyche. I started to do meditation 13 years ago and that helped me  grow from the most emotional empath who suffered constantly from outside stimulis to be someone calm and thoughtful and can weather my own emotions no matter how the outside world is, I'm totally emotionally indepedent and know how to tune into universal healing energies to heal myself! In this particular course, I'll show you how to stay cool on social media, how to be happy on it, etc. Since I know all the nuances on social media, I'll also be a great emotional support, you can talk to me about experiences on social media, I will understand and give support! 

Social Media Growth

Why you should post on social media and content strategy in 2020

1) You shoud post because otherwise you don't actually exist on social media in 2020! You could have thousands of followers but have no influence at all! Because they all changed their algotithms, in 2020, you don't see the contents of all your followings and your followers don't see your posts! Only a tiny fraction of your followings' contents are shown to you and not even 10% of your followers can see your contents on most social media platforms today! 

2) The social media platforms want you to post, too, because content keep their platforms alive,! Whether you are ridiculizing yourself, playing a clown, or offering knowledge and inspiration, depending on the platform, mostly it doesn't really matter, they want to keep people on their platforms so they can get one part of them to pay for ads and they other part pay to buy! 

3)But...your purpose being on it is for you or your business, right? 

Power distribution on social media platforms

Commonality and Diffrences of the current social media platforms

Content Psychology Strategy

Social media well-being 

Nowadays, for most people, social media isn't a place of well-being, for most, it's a source of frustration, argument or even a battleground! Well, it doesn't have to be, social media isn't worse than the general society and you can make yours a place for friendships, career growth, inspiration, learning skills, networking, etc. But you need to how to navigate through emotionally, and I'll show you how in various angles, of course answer your questions about your particular experiences! 

Social Media Anxiety Meditation
Social Media Conflict Meditation 
Popularity/unpopularity psychology meditation

Follower Meditation
Branding Strategy meditation 

Course 2- International & Cross-Cultural Communications

The funny thing for me to observe is that in today's professional world, they'd hire people who sit exactly in the same box as them to teach them how to think out of the box, the box can be one box or another, whether it be a country, a region, gender, place, company, profession, etc., etc., just any social cells. It became more and more the tendancy that when they meet another person, they don't want to get to know the person, instead they want to have an idea of the person and figure out on which shelf or box they can put them, or else, you'd be the disturbant element and they won't have peace in their mind until they get rid of you or arrange you in a box! Well, if you really want to know how to think alternatively, be open, come in here, I'm not in any particular box and as I said "my brain was washed so many times, it's clean, I can even think by myself and for myself"! Come discover my thoughts and other cultures I know and how you can communicate more effectively with the other gender, other races and cultures!

International Brand Expansion
Cross-cultural Audience Connection
Cross Gender
Universal "language(s)"

Be happy like a child


What's the difference between the basic membership and the privilege membership?

The basic membership is for everyone who'd like to grow their social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin) and feel good on social media! As we know in 2020, there's no way to take one course and learn everything about social media and digital marketing, you have to contantly update your knowledge about them as they are changing incessantly! I'm tracking their changes for you and hope to share and help everyone who's in my marketing club! With the basic membership, you can ask me all marketing sourcing related questions, I'll either answer you individually or group the questions and answer them together! You get my help to connect you with clients, factories, etc., internationally if they are already in my network. You'll get invited for members events when I organize them.

For the privilege membership, you'll get all the basic membership services, in addition, you'll have an one-hour monthly direct consultation with me, if you like, instead of using a whole hour once a month,  you can also fraction it into small questions on a daily/weekly basis , I'll get to know your personal brand or business and advise you on content strategies, digital ads to boost your profile or business, cultural communications, social media technical and emotional support, or even write or translate your speeches. You'll have a permanent digital marketing and social media well-being consultant at the price of a plate of food! This membership is for high profiles, who need to build their profile internatiotnally or feel good on social media, creatives (models, actors, singers, musicians, artists, athletes, writers, bloggers, journalists), politicians, or professionals - doctors and interntational lawyers, or business owners or corporate leaders, etc. Or you can be someone who's been wandering around without a purpose but just want to be famous! Join the club and talk to me, I'll help you identify your unique talent, what you can put forward to build up your celebrity status! With this membership, you'll get all events invites and 50% discount for paid events, I'll search clients or sourcing factories, etc., actively for you.