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  • DIY How to Make a Mask from a cotton T-shirt

    how to make a mask from a cotton t-shirt
    Well, It's better than nothing, my thing isn't tested medically, but statistically if everyone wears a mask, we can reduce the rate of the virus from passing on to one another to less than 3%
  • date with the spring

    me embracing trees
    a series of articles and meditation scripts on how to survive and enjoy solitude
  • swim in cold water

    tesha jie on small stone bridge
    what are the benefits of swimming in cold water, how to get started, etc
  • DIY hydro-alcoholic gel

    spring flowers and me
    Part of nature is full of beauties , like the flowers behind me, part of is the dangerous bacterias and viruses that can kill us...I searched and looked and find this tip for making a DIY hydro-alcoholic gel at home
  • Arch-hand salute and Cup-fist Salute

    The arched hands are slightly curved, overlapping each other on the chest level or somewhere between your chest and below your chin, forming an "arched shape". You can really use one hand to hold the other or just make the gesture of holding each other. Arch hand greeting is a traditional etiquette in China. It is commonly used in ancient and modern times, for...


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