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    Teshajiewisdomquotes updates, beauty nature, some of the small waterfalls, etc
  • noyers-sur-serein

    medieval village of noyers-sur-serein
  • Health Benefits of Cinnamon

    Cinnamon and anti-aging, the immune system, weight loss and diabetes Well, cinnamon is valuable, not because … once upon a time, it was more expensive than gold in the stock markets … or the flea markets!! You can’t...


  • Foods that strengthen the immune system

    foods &immune system

    Foods that strengthen the immune system Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are in general anti-inflammatory, diminish body inflammation is important for good immune function. Studies showed obesity weakens the immune system, so a plant-based diet can also help reduce weight. I’ve already talked about cinnamon in another article, garlic, onions, horseradish,...


  • Arch-hand salute and Cup-fist Salute

    The arched hands are slightly curved, overlapping each other on the chest level or somewhere between your chest and below your chin, forming an "arched shape". You can really use one hand to hold the other or just make the gesture of holding each other. Arch hand greeting is a traditional etiquette in China. It is commonly used in ancient and modern times, for...


  • 3 plants anti-diabetes plants and anti-aging

    Do you know that you can have diabetes or a diabetic tendency without being diagnosed? Diabetes affects more than 500 million people worldwide, 50% of diabetics don’t know they have it! Why is that? Because the blood test is mostly done on an empty stomach when you wake up, you may have a normal blood sugar level at this time, but abnormally high right...


  • Palmarosa essential oil

    I discovered Palma Rosa oil when I was looking at the differences in between various rose oils, in fact, palma rosa oil isn’t a rose oil, its common name is Indian geranium. Latin name: Cymbopogon martini Botanical family: Poaceae Distilled part: Flowering plants (herbs) Origin (country where the plant is grown): Guatemala, India, Vietnam, North Africa


  • Facial massage oils

    facial massage oils
  • Chinese Dumplings with eggs and chives

    chinese dumplings with eggs and chives
  • Where to run in Paris

    where to run in paris
    So, where to run in Paris? first of all, I would think of all the major parks, the Jardin de Luxembourg, Parc Monceau, Parc André Citoyen, Garden of the Louvre, Bois de Boulogne, etc. Here is a list of other possibilities for running in Paris.
  • Anti-inlammation foods

    anti-inflamation food
    anti-inflammatory foods, spinach, pineapple, cinnamon

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