Black Mushroom and weight loss

Black mushroom and weight loss 

Whether you are trying to lose weight or not, sometimes I guess most people do some kind of binge eating, it's ok to do that once in a while, in order not to put on weight, you'll have to know some foods that you can eat as much as you want and don't really grow fat with, one of my favorite is the black mushrooms. Black mushrooms actually are grown on the garden fences in Northern China and then dried and exported. I'm not really kidding, even if they are not all from garden fences, most of the black mushroom we buy from markets are  grown on the tree trunks in the woods there, the tree trunks are sometimes used to build garden fences. Imagine you have a veggie garden that everything in them are edible, even the fences!  

I guess I finally learned how to cook well black mushroom today even though it's been years I've been cooking and eating black mushrooms. We can always learn and improve on things that we thought we know well. I know sometimes I cooked well and sometimes didn't. I didn't know why or how to make them tender and well-cooked without putting a fatty ingredient, for example, before today, in order for it to be well-cooked and tender, I used to put them in a chicken broth and for a long time, then I noticed when you do that, if it's not a fatty soup, the mushrooms got dried up in the hot soup! 

The right way to cook the black mushrooms without using fat is like this: 

1. Put the dried mushrooms(that's almost the only form we can get from the market unless you buy a black mushroom tree trunk and put it in your garden, then when it rains, you can get fresh black mushrooms),  in lukewarm water and leave it there for at least one hour, sometimes I just left it there for a whole night. You'll just need maybe 2 soup spoon's dried mushroom to get a big plate's mushroom, in my early experiences with it, I would always put in too much, they'd overflew out of the bowl. 

2. Boil the black mushrooms in boiling water for a few minutes, then get them out and put them in cold water! It's the put them in cold water part I always skipped in the past. Today I did it right. 

3. Once you have the black mushrooms already cooked and waiting, you can add them to lots of different veggi preparations, chicken dishes, etc.