breakfast or not when losing weight

breakfast or not, if yes, what 

whether or not to eat breakfast, if so, what when trying to be lighter&fitter

I’ve done some research and read thousands of materials on the matter, of course have been trying different things for breakfast on diet periods.

They even exposed different theories on whether to eat breakfast at all, most agreed that we should eat breakfast but I have felt personally and as the French proverb goes, your appetite comes when eating, once you started eating, you might want to eat more actually. The only time in my life I’ve ever actively lost some weight I didn’t eat breakfast or dinner until I was done losing the few kilos I wanted to lose. The perverse effect of diet in most human societies is that when we talk about diet we talk about eating! And Ironically some people do take food supplements after meals ! Another advantage not eating anything at all is that your stomach would shrink and you’d feel less hungry ! However they also said that if you don’t eat at all, your metabolism would probably slow down and it’s harder to burn fat, and when you do eat , the cells would stock the fat in anticipation for future fasting! Another thing I felt was I’m 100 times stupider when in hypoglycemia, for example, once I didn’t eat at all, around 2 o’clock in the afternoon after I finished my belly dance class, I got lost in the street couldn’t find the way to go home and get like crying ! Well, if you are starving, you mostly would feel low and depressed! There are not 1000 ways to lose weight, it’s either you reduce the calorie input and/or increase the output, aka don’t eat/eat less/ exercise

During diet periods, I  won’t eat breakfast but drink some water if I don’t exercise, if I do, I’ve been trying the following

-lemon water ( if you can tolerate the inconvenients, see my lemon article)

-fresh orange juice with pulp +royal gelee ( I used to only use this and then found I have a strange headache )

- Defatted  milk with honey and cinnamon power

-or any sort of milk replacement, soy milk, almond milk, oatmeal milk, etc

-Mint herbal tea with honey and drops of lemon juice

-a cup of veggie soup

-some appropriate diet drink

Some argue that you need to masticate to reduce the appetite :

-an apple




-a cereal bar, etc

Those are what I’ve already tried , I’ll try more