date with the spring

date with the spring

me embracing trees

A date with the spring我和春天的约会 mon rendez-vous avec le printemps 

Take a deep breath, close your eyes gently and open them as if you’ve just opened them the first time ever in your life!  Take notice of the details in your surroundings...look at your fingertips, each side of your nose… slowly… like a baby, just seeing the magical world for the first time…! 

Do you hear the birds singing ? A droplet of morning dew slowly detaches from a tree branch ? Do you feel the silky sensation of your legs rubbing against each other? … 

Do you have a date with the spring? 

Well, I do, I made it to this special date just as the spring! Mmmm… enjoying it ...I LOVE the trees, the flowers, the gentle breeze and the morning sun with every breath of my life…This is love without deception and what you give is what you get! Yes, “love is giving”, how many times they told you that so that you are the one who gives?:) 

Maybe in these special days when you are forced to stay alone, it’s a precious occasion to have space also from other human beings! You might realize the LOVE they’ve been so desperately seeking has always been there, it’s in you simply!  It’s love eternal! Did you ever see a human being live longer than that willow? … unless you chop it down with a saw,, that’s another story, there are savages...! I’m pretty sure if conventional love were traded on the stock market these days, the price must be dropping sharply also! The only love that’s real and will always be in your company, is the one in your own heart! Embrace it as I embrace and caress that tree and you’ll never be lonely again! Have a sweet date with the spring, a flower, or simply a pillow, a door, lean on it, feel the solidness supporting you, something that’s always there for you!

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