DIY Protection Mask

My self-made better than nothing mask 

I made that mask by cutting off the sleeves of a white cotton T-shirt, I tried it on, it's better than nothing! It was actually pretty easy to make it, you can simply fold the tissue and then make two strings in order to attach it to your ears. There are lots of things we can try to use as a facial mask, a silk or cotton scarf, T-shirt, or any of the larger hair-bands from a sport shop, etc. They might not be as efficient as a medically tested protection mask that filtered out all viruses, etc. But it's better than nothing, you can wear them when you do grocery, etc., where there are lots of people and you can feel that the air is stuffy and there are all kinds of things in the air. 

J'ai fait ce petit masque avec les manches d'un T-shirt. Je pense que c'est mieux que rien, surtout quand vous allez faire des courses and là où il y a beaucoup de monde et que vous sentez que l'air est lourd, il y a déjà toute sorte d'odeur, etc. Il vaudrait mieux avoir une barrière quelqueconque que rien du tout! Pour la peine qu'on doit tous rester confiné, autant avoir ce minimun basique!