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  • Monthly updated Ebook with Chinese proverbs that I interpreted with pictures

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Perfect stuff for the current challenges people are facing across the globe.
George Koshy

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Tesha Jie offers a nice combination of pictures, advice and interpretations of mostly Chinese proverbs in her ebook.  I like how she points out small details, which redirect out perspective and opens new ways to our points of view. 

My favorite part are the proverbs. Mostly Chinese ones, they still sound familliar, together with Tesha Ji's explanations they inspire my inspiration. 

-Marc Dobler

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I subscribed to Tesha Jie’s ebook because she’s my Facebook friend for a long time. I love to have her around on my social media since she always has such a calming and positive energy. It’s a great surprise that her ebook is not only a beautiful book it’s also useful, she has interpreted the proverbs in her unique way that I feel she has put into words many things I have always felt, they feel familiar yet refreshing! I also love her small meditation videos and some bedtime stories in the membership space, sometimes after a long day, it’s like listening to an old friend, and unlike the impersonal  meditation apps, you can always reach her, I try not to take too much her time but when I write to her for a question, she’s always there!
Nathan Lamb

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I like this ebook because it provides me a sense of well-being and relections on life with her particular interpretations of the Chinese proverbs. In the photos, nature is everywhere and it's also a book full of culture. It's easy and simple yet profound at the same time. 

-Frederec Jouillerot

Subscriber Reviews

"Thank you Tesha! I always enjoy your thoughts-you're adept at challenging status quo thinking and stimulating different ways of thinking about life. Kepp up the good work!"

David Hoxworth

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"Enjoy it every much, on point wisdom and philosophies. I also enjoy your efforts to find beautiful sceneries to add to your portraits, thank you!" 

Frederick Ingraham

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