Facial massage oils

Facial massage oils 

Choosing a facial massage oil might not be a simple task as we might think. We can’t just use any oil! Facial skin is delicate. Some oils can be too oily, lemon oil might make your skin red if not treated first. Not only oils are different , people also have different skin types, can be oily, blemish-prone, dry, mixed, sensitive , or freckled. There are also many oils or creams etc. prepared by various brands for facial massage, so you can find a suitable one among them. I use one from L’Oréal. So how to choose?

First of all, the skin needs 70% water and 30% oil to maintain its balance.

baby oils if your skin get allergies easily, but this can also have it’s inconvenience, for example, sweet almond oils are used a lot for babies, but if you use it to massage your own face, it might be too oily, especially if you use it very often

oils with small molecules so they penetrate the top layer of the skin easily without clogging the pores , ex: jojoba , argan

One bottled in dark bottles because some unsaturated fat acids can be easily damaged with light and heat

Here’s a list of oils for different skin types

For Dry Skin: Marula oil is great for reducing redness and hydrating dry and irritated skin. Coconut oil can be fine for dry skin, but I would use it mixed up with some neutral cream

For Normal Skin: Avoid using oils that are are too heavy. jojoba, marula, barbary fig seed oil, I always have a small bottle of this in my bag and on my nightstand, can just use one drop and massage a long time

For Acne-Prone Skin: lighter oils like Jojoba, tea tree oils, prickly pear seed oil, etc

For Oily Skin: Jojoba, tea tree, lavender and low-comedogenic oils like Argan and rosehip are also fine

For Combination Skin: Marula oil, jojoba, rose and coconut oils