• Anti-dark spots oils

    1. OILY LILY MACERATE The oily lily macerate is obtained by macerating the white lily flowers in a neutral vegetable oil. It unifies your skin color, it’s ideal for homogenizing the complexion, making it radiant and reducing dark spots.


  • Facial massage oils

    facial massage oils
  • 3 plants anti-diabetes plants and anti-aging

    Do you know that you can have diabetes or a diabetic tendency without being diagnosed? Diabetes affects more than 500 million people worldwide, 50% of diabetics don’t know they have it! Why is that? Because the blood test is mostly done on an empty stomach when you wake up, you may have a normal blood sugar level at this time, but abnormally high right...


  • Palmarosa essential oil

    I discovered Palma Rosa oil when I was looking at the differences in between various rose oils, in fact, palma rosa oil isn’t a rose oil, its common name is Indian geranium. Latin name: Cymbopogon martini Botanical family: Poaceae Distilled part: Flowering plants (herbs) Origin (country where the plant is grown): Guatemala, India, Vietnam, North Africa


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