"Haunted Village 1" and Art

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On a rainy Sunday afternoon, I bumped into this little village- Saint-Aubin Chateau Neuf, well, it's not actually "haunted", I don't really know about that... It's just... it was raining, some of the metal sculptures are rusted, ragged curtains dancing in the gentle and sticky wind hanging partially on windows with no glass or broken ones, or some windows have been transformed into walls...No one was around but suddenly... when you turn your back, a million fraction of a second, there was a wreath-like figure with vaulted back, straw-colored hair walking down the street... when you looked at her, she turned back to you! When you asked your companions if they saw her also, they said they didn't see anyone! And she just seemed to have vanished! Or simply entered one of the houses with century old curtains?! Was it a ghost? haha... Well, I suppose it wasn't and generally I'm more scared of people and dogs than of ghosts! You can see the past effort of this little village to build tourist attractions, the sculptures, a museum and a delabrated church, a coffee shop and a family hotel, etc.  It's pictoresque and this haunted atmosphere can obviously stimulate your discovery spirit!


When I was crossing the street to take a picture, a car stopped politely to let me pass-a rare courtesy that you rarely come across these days! Thank you, whoever it was! 

Metal Sculptures 1

Anotger one