How to conserve fresh bread

how to conserve bread

tesha jie with bread
I would usually only get whole wheat bread, or with cereals or grains, etc. Once I have them, I’ll put them in the bread bag that I bought on a Christmas market that I never used… recently it proved to be so indispensable… It depends on the type of bread, for example, the black Nordic bread, it would last at least a week, the sesame one would last only 1-2 days, and the dark French baguette would last 3-4 days. If I want to keep them longer than that, I did some research and found the following, I’d probably give them a try.
-Put the bread in the freezer and when you need to eat it, take it out and pass it brief under tap water and then put it in the oven for about 10-15 mins at 160°c
-Make it into breadcrumbs. If it’s already very dry, can just break it into reasonable sizes and put them into the blender, if it’s not that dry yet, can put them into the toaster, then put them into the mixture
-Use it as part of a recipe, for example, can use full a simple recipe with anchovy and tomatoes or onions? I’ve tried this one before.