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If you are getting bored with your meditation, or tired of regurgitating the same stuff as many others with the meditation apps that everyone else are using, it's like eating processed mind food! My meditation audios/videos are freshly made by me, it's author-original, with creative and entertaining scenarios that you've never heard of anywhere before! Please choose one and subscribe below:

Meditation Audio, video Series in 8 each theme

You can either  subscribe to audios 10 euros/month   or subscribe to videos and audios 50 euros/monthto receive all my meditation audios and videos as I create them regularly or you can order each of them seperately in the Meditation downloads  

The on-going and upcoming theme series are:

8 Audios on "Sleep Quietly" 

8 Audios on "Healing Eyes"

8 Videos on "Stop Anxiety"

8 Videos on "After Sport Cooling" 

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