Why women, men and children should all use eye creams

why women, men and even children should use eye creams

tesha jie with eye cream
Haha, did you read it as ice cream at first glance at the title? That might be a sign that you crave for some ice cream ;)?!  Well, if it’s a cucumber-lemon ice cream, why not put on some on your eye lids? Who eats cucumber ice creams? Haha, what I mean is that your eye lids are very permeable and when you hydrate the eye lids and generally the eye area skin, your eyes are hydrated.
Most eye creams and serums that you use for anti-aging or hydration purposes can not only make your skin in the eye area stay young but also provide hydration, especially the ones that contain hyaluronic acids that can catch humidity in the environment and thus bring continuous hydration to your eyes! Women, men or even kids today are all so glued to electronic devices, those screens can make your eyes feel dry. No one wants to have eyes like in the following description prematurely or with dark circles:  
“… his/her eye sockets starting to recede into the face like a pond starting to dry up…”
Maybe it’s evitable to have eyes like that one day if you are lucky enough to live to an old age, which isn’t guaranteed for everyone given the current circumstances, but I bet you want that “one day” to be as far away as possible, let’s say 90? In the meantime, I believe all should start using eye creams/serums, even just for hydration purposes. Plus I think some anti-aging eye creams/serum with collagens really helps slow down the aging process for the eye area skin, don’t I look like 18 now from when I was 25 just yesterday?!