Herbal Teas, Anemia, Covid

Why did I stopped drinking herbal teas

I stopped drinking tea , the tea from the plant camellia sinensis, according to different ways and levels of fermentation, you have green tea, yellow, black tea , Oolong tea,etc.  

The so-called herbal teas are from other plants rather than the camellia sinensis. You have thyme herbal tea, mint herbal tea, verveine, ginger lemon, etc … If you generalize the term herbal tea, it can be about any dried or even fresh plants, herbs, etc., you put them into hot water and obtain mostly a yellow to dark brown colored liquid...Instinctively, brown colored foods don’t usually stimulate my appetite...but since somehow I believed some herbal teas could help my health, I got used to some, the thyme herbal tea, for example. It does provide a soothing effect if you do an intermittent fasting or if you have a slight cough, voice irritation, etc., it can also relax you if you drink it before you sleep or have trouble falling asleep. Despite all its benefits, I felt drained and extremely tired. 
I could feel the tiredness since the end of the first lockdown, I went to see a doctor because of the dizziness I felt. I didn’t go to do the blood test until I caught Covid about 2 months ago. I was so tired, when I got up 5 minutes, I would need a lie-down, I even felt nauseous if I didn't lie down when I needed to. I did the blood test and I had anemia. After seeing the doctor, I started to take the iron supplement and my condition didn’t really improve, the fatigue just didn’t go away and I need to lie down whenever I get up, plus the coughing, it was pretty spectacular even if I wasn’t that ill scientifically speaking. If I tell people I felt tired and immediately, they would blame Covid for it. I know I had to figure it out by myself since the blood test showed nothing else but the anemia, it must not be a real disease or something. Like about 13 years ago, I felt also very tired and when the doctors couldn’t find out why, they started to ask me if I didn’t feel depressed, asking me questions like if there are someone that died in my family and I hadn’t finished mourning psychologically, etc. Then by reading many books I bumped into a book called “Guérir” that was talking about Omega 3 fatty acids, etc., I ate some camelina oil, rapeseed oil etc., and I was healed from the dizziness afterwards. This time I knew I could find it out by myself. 
I did find out, it’s not about something I can eat but the herbal tea I drank. I stopped drinking the herbal tea also because I found that since a year my teeth just got a shade darker!  When I stopped drinking the herbal teas, just any tea, then I replaced the tea by kiwi and orange for the vitamin C in them, I also take the Royal Gelee supplement. I seem to have found back my vitality. 
I know since adolescence that the real tea wasn’t doing me good, because of the caféine in it, I would feel nervous and it also produces a diuretic effect on me.  
I thought herbal teas should be fine on me since they are not from the plant Camélia sinensis. I did some research, most of the herbal teas contain tannin just like in red wine. It’s supposed to be a useful anti-oxydant, it might be useful for anti-aging. However, tannin also inhibits the absorption of iron, it has worsened by anemia. Even some of the plants for the herbal teas such as thyme and peppermint contain lots of iron in the plants but I’ve noticed whatever level of iron they might contain , once I drink them, I feel drained, now thinking back, it felt like they had drained lots of nutrients from my body and my vitality in general … The above was  only from my experience. I hope some women might find this useful, don’t know many men have anemia.