Hiking trail 1-Ile Ménéfrier-Le Rocher de le Pérouse

Ile Ménéfrier to Rocher de La pérouse

  • rocher de la pérouse
  • river "cure"

The hiking trail from the Ile de Ménéfrier to the Rocher de la Pérouse is actually a trail of 24 kms, I walked for 2 hours along the river Cure, then took the road to entrance of the 5 mins trail to the Rocher de la Pérouse. Usually tourists would only do that. As I'm a semi-tourist and an amateur hiker, I did a bit more than the usual tourist and much less than a consistent hiker. Again, as I said amateur, I did as usual,  just was only wearing daily clothes and changed to a pair of walking shoes. It was a sunny day to start with, then clouds were getting darker once on the trail, then it became pouring rain! Of course I was soaked from head to toe!!! But it was a very beautiful trail, you would come across this little waterfall on one side and on the other side there is the beautiful river, with clear water and some rocks! I think it's a great summer walking trail with the shades of the trees and river all along to keep some freshness. At automn, despite the rain that made me shaking all over and the mud sticking to my shoes, I still enjoyed the beauty of nature! For the Rocher de la Pérouse, I was able to see the rising fog underneath the hill, it was super beautiful!