Waterfall near Paris

finally a waterfall -Vallée de la Chevereuse!!

waterfall paris

It's been a while since I saw a waterfall, and you know I LOVE waterfalls right? I guess it's an innate thing, it's in my blood or somthing like that.  As a melancolic adolescent at that time, I would say to myself, if I had to die one day and could choose where, I would die near a waterfall, beautiful trees, etc. Time has passed by since the time I would ever think of ever ending my life before its due time and it's such an inevitable end for everyone so far, I haven't thought of dying near a waterfall but to see them, feel them as much as possible as long as I'm still alive. 

WIth the quarantine, I haven't seen one since maybe 5 months! I searched for one near Paris, and actually I found a whole kit of places that I would love as a tourist, historical ruins, trails and a waterfall! It's in the Vallée de la Chevereuse, it's still considered a suburb of Paris. 

La maison du parc de la vallée de la chevereuse

  I didn't really have a clear idea where the waterfall is. I only searched the internet knowing that in the Vallée de la Chevereuse, there is a waterfall, so I first bumped into the Maison du Parc, where there is the historical ruins. It was a lovely walk and you can see on the picture, the sky was partly blue, super blue!

We asked some people in the coffee shop and people around if they know where the waterfall is. Most said they didn't even know there's a waterfall there at all! Then there's a cleaner who was sweeping the street, he told us exactly where the waterfall is! don't judge people by their social position or looks

Cernay La ville- waterfall 

I was so happy I finally saw a waterfall, it doesn't have the grandeur of the Niagara or Victoria Falls, but it's the kind that has a hiking trail near a river that leads to it, with trees around, etc. It's a nice walk to smell and feel nature! You can say I felt it! haha, just after I had these pictures, it started raining hard, I took a real shower with the rain! That had been a long time also! Usually I would always have a raincoat when going outside, since I don't have a habit to go outside anymore, I didn't have a coat or an umbrella! I'll put up a video version on YouTube!