Les Lacs Oo, d'Espingo, de Saussat et du Portillon Lake Oo, Espingo, Saussat, Portillon

The Montain Lakes Oo, Espingo, Saussat and Portillon

  • Lac Oo
  • lac Oo

I went to the Lake Oo on the hottest day this summer, it was around 38 degrees celcius but on the mountains and with the trees and water around, it didn't feel so hot! The lakes Oo, Espingo, Saussat and Portillon are natural high mountain lakes and you need to walk about 1hour and a half to reach the top of the moutain where you can see the beautiful waterfall of the Lake Oo. There's the only  coffee shop facing the waterfall and you'd never feel happier reaching a coffee shop than after the long walk under the summer heat!  

Oo actually means lake on a high mountain in an ancient language. 

In order to reach Lake Oo, you can first go to the biggest city Bagnère-le Luchon, and you can either drive to the parking called les Granges d'Astau, or in summer, they have a bus that'll take you from Bagnère-le-Luchon to the Granges d'Astau parking lot. From the parking lot, you walk along the GR 10 mountain hiking trail, it'll take you to where I was in the picture. And once you are where I was in the picture in the coffee shop facing the waterfall, you can continue to walk to the other 3 lakes! 

It was such a beautiful place and I would have liked to stay there forever!