Thyme Herbal Tea

Thyme and well being  

Benefits of thyme

Thyme contains a powerful antiseptic -phenol. Thyme is very useful for breathing comfort, sore throat, cold, etc. It also helps strengthen the immune system. Against the flu, for example, you can drink thyme infusion for prevention and during the infection period. Since a week, I swapped my mint green tea for thyme herbal  tea! You can make it with fresh or dried thyme, otherwise 3 drops of thyme essential oil in a cup of hot water would also be fine!

Here is a list of the benefits of thyme:
- Thyme tea calms coughs and sore throats, useful for urinary tract infections, cystitis, etc. It is a rich source of vitamin K, which is necessary for proteins production that play a role in blood coagulation and bone formation.
-Dried thyme contains iron and fresh thyme also provides vitamin C.

-It can be used for after sport muscle relief as it relaxes muscles and helps for joint pain, etc. You can simply pour a cup of herbal tea or a few drops of thyme essential oil in your bath, or mix a few drops of thyme essential oil with a vegetable oil and massage the muscles 
- It facilitates digestion and fights against bloating.
-Thyme contains carvacrol, which a very useful tranquilizer if you feel stressed or anxious
Here is the recipe for concocting a fresh thyme herbal tea:
10 g fresh thyme in 1 liter of boiling water;

Wait for 10 minutes;

Filter (or put it in a sachet from the start) and add honey, lemon, etc. I add nothing for mine ! 
Personally, I do it in the simplest manner, I would buy pré-prepared  thyme herbal tea bags and just add hot water and drink it with a washable straw!